What Getting The Right Fit Looks Like At The Athlete’s Foot


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Getting shoes fitted properly is a pretty important thing in my opinion especially for school since your kiddos have to be in them 6 hours a day 5 days a week.  I could not image anything worse than having to wear uncomfortable shoes all day, day after day.

Earlier this week we went to The Athlete’s Foot to experience the school shoe fitting service they offer for all school kids.  Our second daughter is starting prep this year and the level of excitement she had about going to get her shoes fit was so very cute!!


The Athlete’s Foot offer a full shoe fitting service to make sure your child receives the right size, width and inner sole to suit their own specific needs. Below is a short video I made of our experience getting Miss 4 fitted for her first ever school shoes.

One of the things they do is use this fancy gadget called Fitzi to test your kiddos feet.  The kids took turns walking down it as featured in the video and it measures how they walk, where the pressure was on the soles of their feet and other things I have no idea about but am sure matter in finding the right shoes.


Normally my eldest daughter loves the black Mary Jane style shoe but she is heading into year 2 this year and told me she wanted sports shoes for school this year as the black shoes were for little kids haha.  Miss 4 however had her heart set on a pair of black lace up school shoes.


I am happy to say that we walked out of The Athlete’s Foot after a very painless 20 minutes with two very happy school kids.  Both of the girls loved their new shoes and they have since been wearing them for days without complaint.  They also told me there is a 30 day comfortable fit policy where if the kids don’t feel like they are comfortable or fit properly we can bring them back in store to exchange for a more comfortable shoe free of charge.

The kids were happy and I was happy knowing they were wearing shoes which were the right fit for their feet #winning


You can find out more about the range of shoes available at The Athlete’s Foot here

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