The Messy Shoe Dilemma


andreaLove your family, but don’t love tripping over their shoes all the time? Does is seem like no matter what you do the shoe pile just grows, looks terrible and makes you want to pull your hair out? You have been searching for a solution, and nothing has worked. Many Mums have had the same problem as you and there are some solutions you can try that just may work.

  1. Buy really dorky shoes. I find this to be among my favorite solutions as a mum. If you have older kids say teenagers, then you can make them put their shoes away in their proper place. If they fail to do so, then you can take away the pair of the shoes they like best and make them wear the dorky shoes. After a time or two of feeling awkward or embarrassed by their shoes they will start putting them away.
  2. Find shoes where they don’t belong? Throw them outside. Even if it’s raining. Chances are if your family members have to wear wet shoes, they will get the message.
  3. Try getting a shoe cabinet from Ikea to put in the area where you would like your shoes, they have tons to choose from.
  4. You can give each family member a bin near the place where you want the shoes with their name on it.
  5. Many families like their family members to take their shoes off and then carry them to their bedrooms and kept in there. That would solve the unsightly problem.
  6. For each family member, you could put an over the door shoe rack, or even keep one near where your outside door is if you have a closet nearby.

The unsightly mountain of shoes will soon disappear with just a bit of patience, and a little tweaking. Rest assured there is an end to the never ending battle of the messy shoe dilemma.

Written by the School Mum Team



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