Christmas Ideas for a 6 to 7 Year Old Girl


bigstock-The-small-girl-on-a-shoulder-o-34533854 (Small)So, Christmas is coming and your little girl has been telling you the 1001 things she wants for Christmas but you are stumped as to what to get her . There are plenty of options as to what to do for your growing girl.

  1. Music. No matter the age of any little girl they are always into music! Surly your daughter has a favorite genre that she listens too. Who is her favorite band/sing? Cds are a great find, and always a good fit. Get her a cd player to play her new cds in as well.
  2. Does your daughter like to build things with her hands? Legos are not just for boys, they are great for imagination. Your daughter will be proud of herself when she has built the set or built whatever has come to mind.
  3. Craft items are a great way to trigger the imagination and creativity of your daughter. Crafts are great learning tools and long lasting activities that your daughter will love.
  4. Play dough. An oldie but goodie. Another crafty item that is always fun to play with no matter the age, as to the reason why its been around for decades.
  5. Is your daughter an outdoor type? Try roller blades, bicycle, scooter, or even a skate board, this will feed her appetite for the great outdoors.
  6. Taking a trip to the zoo or a movie day could be a wonderful gift. The memories that you make will last a lifetime that most gifts often cannot.

Christmas can be a stressful time of the year when she tells you she is too old for toys, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether she is 6 years old or 30 she will love what you do for her because you have put thought into it. Something to remember is to think back to when you were a child and how it was the simple things that you enjoyed, chances are it will be the same with your little girl.

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