Paris vs. New York – 10 Alternatives that Kick their Butt


Paris vs. New York I get that they are amazing places but sometimes I fell like it is a big cliché.  So I asked YOU the SCHOOL MUMS of AUSTRAIA what’s on your bucket list. Below are the TOP TEN fabulous ideas of adventures suggested by you!!!

The School Mums have spoken and Paris and New York ARE on the list but right alongside them are some other AWESOME and amazing ideas of adventures you can take with your family or solo.

1.Travel on a ice breaking ship into the arctic circle

2.Walk the Great Wall of China

3.Caving in Nelson NZ

4.Nepal for some trekking

5.Playing knuckles with the local kids in the Solomon Islands

6.Driving holiday in a camper-van around Tasmania

7.Tanzania with a charity to build a school and a couple of houses

8.Canoeing along the Zambezi river

9.Huskisson, right here in our own backyard! Heaven!

10.Pyramids and luxury cruise down the Nile or Stonehenge

I get so excited just thinking about being lucky enough to adventure into some of these unknown places!!  If you have anywhere you just WISH you could go at some point tell us with a comment below!!

And remember you don’t need to travel overseas or interstate to go an awesome adventure sometimes you just have to walk down the street!!



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