6 Simple Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas



Here are 6 simple ideas to make your Christmas wrapping just that little bit special – and the best bit is, you’ll probably have everything you need already at home.

Red Spots

This is super easy and effective. Each box contains around 1000 red little dots so you should have plenty! You can arrange these anyway you like. You can make Christmas Trees, Stars or just go random.

Paper Straws

Cut up a couple of paper straws and thread them along some string. This will make a simple and colourful decoration.

wrapping 6

Pipe Cleaners

The options are endless for this one. You can either spell out something like Joy or Noel or put the initial of the recipient on the front….

wrapping 4

Snowflakes from A4

Simply fold a piece of A4 in half and then in half again and start cutting out small shapes along the folds.
My daughter made this one for me!

Wrapping 3

Christmas Tree Concertina

Cut a triangle shape out of paper and then concertina it as shown. While it is all folded up, place a hole punch in the centre and simply thread through the string.

Wrapping 2

Paper Chain

This is a good one to get the kids to do for you. Small pieces of paper stapled together to form a mini paper chain to wrap around your gift.

wrapping 5





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