Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Business?


LookingWhere has all the time gone?  You know – all that ‘time’ you were going to have when the kids are at school?

Running a household can be a full-time job, add to that paid employment, community responsibilities and the endless extra curricular timetable, who has time to do anything else?

You maybe? As fulfilling as being a school mum is, some of us are crazy enough to want to explore opportunities beyond the school run. You might have even considered running a business?!

Before making the decision to become an entrepreneur it’s vital to know what you’re in for!  While the advantages include flexibility and pursuing a passion, there’s also late nights and financial uncertainty to deal with.

With almost 50 per cent of small businesses folding within the first five years, there is more to starting a business than working out what colour your business cards are going to be! (if only it was that simple!)

With just over 100 days till Christmas now might be your chance to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be both a business owner and school mum. You already have the skills to be an entrepreneur – a multi-tasker, negotiator, networker, budget queen, and admin manager – now you can get the business tools to back you up.

The 10- week Bizness Blitz program is designed to walk you through, step-by-step, three days a week, all the factors you need to consider before starting a business. Whether you aspire to launch a multi-million dollar business or just want your business to pay for school fees or holidays, the Course is designed to set you up for success, however you define it.

It will help you uncover all the many aspects of business development including unique idea generation (because there are already a lot of organic baby foods and handmade clothing lines out there!);  time management strategies; marketing, operations and financial plans. The content is very simple without unnecessary jargon or over optimistic forecasts of fame and fortune (that comes later!).  And as a self paced on-line course you can do it all in the comfort of your Pj’s.

As a Mum of 2 I have started a few businesses myself, helped my husband start and manage his business (without him knowing), and I’ve helped hundreds of Mums think about business as an option for economic independence.  My business, Purple Pyjamas has been set-up to help people and business navigate change in a safe place.  Through the Course I hope to equip you for success or talk you out of taking the step until you are ready,

While you work independently, you can share the journey with other aspiring entrepreneurs on the closed Facebook page, or access me via email at any time.

Here’s what some recent graduates have said.

“The Course is such a brilliant idea.  I’ve loved everything. It’s amazing how much you don’t think about when you have this amazing business idea!! I’ve been quite stumped on more than one occasion but I’ve been able to work through my ideas with the help of the workbooks.”  Lisa

“Rather than ‘going back’ to a job that would consume me – I decided to ‘go forward’ and put my energy into a business idea that could work around my life.  The Course content is so simple to follow and understand, and I could do it in my own time.  I’m now ready to take the plunge into business”. Kat

“The Bizness Blitz course was comprehensive, interesting and informative. It was well-structured, and the materials excellent. I gained a lot of insight into running and developing my business. I would recommend the course to anyone starting out or wanting to change their business direction.” Nichole

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