The Pair Proving Flexible Professional Roles DO Exist


If you’re in a professional career, you’ve pretty much had to make a choice when you have children. Do you want to be a full time parent, or pursue your career and work full time? Jobs that were flexible and accommodating to families were as rare as hens’ teeth – and hotly contested.

But those jobs are out there, and university friends Victoria Stuart and Stephanie Reuss are determined to connect professional parents and those jobs online. They have launched an online marketplace called Beam, which links experienced professionals with fully flexible part-time roles.

“We think there’s an appetite particularly from small and medium size businesses to employ people on a part time basis,” Stephanie told Mamamia.

“They just want the best people in their business and they are willing to exchange flexibility for that talent.”

The pair assess applicants and only allow those with at least seven years of professional experience to keep the corporate standard high. And they also vet employers to ensure they truly understand that the roles need to be flexible and part-time (no more than four days a week), and that they are career-worthy roles. It’s also important to the Beam pair that the company has a great work ethic and ethos.

Victoria and Stephanie have three kids each, and they were inspired to create Beam after the challenges they each faced forging their managerial careers while juggling the demands of career and family.

Beam advertises roles across all industries, but they are seeing big demand in marketing, HR, finance and IT.

You can check out Beam here.




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